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Miru 1 Day Toric

Compare prices from £59.33 to £61.80.

The price is calculated per month (60 lenses).

Compare prices from £59.33 to £61.80. The price is calculated per month (60 lenses).

Price Information

Compare prices among 2 stores, and packs of 30 or 90 contact lenses. Right now, the lowest price per month is £59.33 and the highest is £61.80. Save up to 4%.

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Miru 1 Day Toric is sold in boxes of 30 or 90 contact lenses.

Product Information

  • Name
    Miru 1 Day Toric
  • Wear Time
    Daily disposable lens
  • Type
    Toric contact lens
  • Manufacturer
  • Material
    Hioxifilcon A
  • Water Content
    57 %
  • Oxygen Transmission
    25 Dk/t
  • Can Be Slept In
  • UV Filter
  • Power Range
    -10 to 2
  • Diameter
  • BC
Read more at the manufacturer's own website: https://www.menicon.com/.


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Miru 1 Day Toric contact lenses, produced by Menicon, offer a simple solution for those looking to correct astigmatism. Crafted from Hioxifilcon A, a material renowned for its comfort and stability, the lenses bring about 57% in water content, promoting a hydrated and comfortable lens-wearing experience.

Unique to Miru 1 Day Toric is its innovative Smart Touch packaging, specifically designed for more hygienic handling. With its Smart Zone feature, the lens's inner surface faces downward, reducing the chance of contamination until insertion. Additionally, its dynamic asymmetric stabilisation system aids in axis stability for a consistently clear vision.

The lens features a light blue tint, aiding ease of application. Also noteworthy is its Centraform Edge Design that minimises friction when blinking, thereby banishing irritation. With Miru 1 Day Toric lenses, enjoy the luxury of a fresh sterile pair every day.

Wearing Time

Miru 1 Day Toric is a daily disposable lens. Daily disposable lenses, also known as 1-day lenses or daily wear lenses, are worn for a single day and then discarded.

Contact Lens Type

Miru 1 Day Toric is a toric contact lens. Toric contact lenses, also known as astigmatic lenses, are designed for those who have astigmatism.


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