Can Dogs Wear Contact Lenses?

29/06/2024 14:03
Dogs and contact lenses

Dogs are truly man's best friend. They’re always happy to see you, don’t care whether or not you’re a good cook, and never judge your outfits. But did you know that dogs can wear contact lenses?

Can Dogs Really Wear Contact Lenses?

When we think about a dog’s eyes, we don’t typically think about dog contact lenses or glasses for corrective vision. However, you may be surprised to hear that not only do dog contact lenses exist, but they can also do more than improve your pet’s vision. The most common use for contact lenses on pets is as a bandage.

When a dog’s cornea is scratched or damaged, vets may place a soft contact lens on their eye to help protect it while it heals. This procedure helps protect the eye from further damage and irritation and promotes healing to avoid expensive surgeries.

Benefits of Contact Lenses for Dogs

Benefits of contact lenses for dogs include:

  • Protection of the cornea during healing
  • Reduction of irritation from external elements
  • Prevention of further injury
  • Avoidance of expensive surgeries

These lenses act as a shield, safeguarding a dog's eyes from debris and further injury, much like how bandage contact lenses are used for humans.

How Common are Contact Lenses for Dogs?

While it's not everyday you see a dog sporting contact lenses, their use is becoming more known in veterinary practices. These lenses can be an essential tool in a veterinarian's kit, especially for treating injuries and protecting sensitive eyes during recovery.

So, while you may not see dogs with contact lenses at your local park, knowing that this option exists showcases the incredible advancements in pet care. It’s just another way we ensure our best friends are healthy, happy, and well-protected.


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