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Live Daily Disposable

Compare prices from £25.99 to £39.90.

The price is calculated per month (60 lenses).

Compare prices from £25.99 to £39.90. The price is calculated per month (60 lenses).

Price Information

Compare prices among 6 stores, and packs of 30 or 90 contact lenses. Right now, the lowest price per month is £25.99 and the highest is £39.90. Save up to 35%.

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Live Daily Disposable is sold in boxes of 30 or 90 contact lenses.

Product Information

  • Name
    Live Daily Disposable
  • Wear Time
    Daily disposable lens
  • Manufacturer
  • Material
    Somofilcon A
  • Water Content
    56 %
  • Oxygen Transmission
    86 Dk/t
  • Can Be Slept In
  • UV Filter
  • Power Range
    -10 to 8
  • Diameter
  • BC
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The Live Daily Disposable contact lenses are produced by the highly-regarded manufacturer, CooperVision. Crafted from a silicone-hydrogel material known as Somofilcon A, these lenses merge both comfort and convenience beautifully.

These lenses are uniquely constructed to promote optimal eye health. With 56% water content, they are perfect for ensuring your eyes are well-hydrated throughout the day. The high oxygen permeability of 86 Dk/t also means your cornea receives a healthy oxygen supply continuously.

Designed for daily use, the Live Daily Disposable lenses eliminate the need for any lens care or additional accessories. Ideal for active lifestyles, they offer easy handling and excellent wearing comfort. Live Daily Disposable lenses are also particularly suitable for young adults seeking a straightforward, comfortable and affordable lens option.

By combining the advantages of Somofilcon A and a water content of 56%, CooperVision's Live Daily Disposable lenses encapsulates the perfect blend of comfort and eye health benefits. They are indeed a wonderful addition to CooperVision's portfolio.

Wearing Time

Live Daily Disposable is a daily disposable lens. Daily disposable lenses, also known as 1-day lenses or daily wear lenses, are worn for a single day and then discarded.


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